Nyerere National Park

Nyerere National Park

Welcome to Explore Nyerere National Park

A Haven of Natural Diversity Unveiled
Welcome to Nyerere National Park, a pristine wilderness located in southern Tanzania along the Rufiji River. Formerly known as Selous Game Reserve, this expansive park is Africa’s largest protected area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering a remarkable blend of landscapes, wildlife, and conservation efforts.

Untamed Wilderness and Rufiji River Majesty
Nyerere National Park is characterized by its vast savannahs, woodlands, and the meandering Rufiji River, which serves as a lifeline for diverse flora and fauna. Explore this untamed wilderness and witness the majestic beauty of Africa’s wild heart as elephants, lions, and hippos thrive in their natural habitats.

Legendary Wildlife Encounters
Prepare for legendary wildlife encounters as Nyerere National Park is home to large populations of iconic African species. Spot herds of elephants roaming the plains, watch lions lounging in the sun, and listen to the chorus of hippos as they bask in the river. The park’s remote location ensures an authentic safari experience away from crowds.

Boat Safaris and Riverine Marvels
Embark on unforgettable boat safaris along the Rufiji River, where crocodiles lurk in the shallows and a myriad of bird species adorn the banks. Marvel at the sight of flocks of waterfowl taking flight and witness the dance of life as predators and prey interact in this dynamic ecosystem.

Avian Paradise and Birding Excursions
Nyerere is a paradise for bird enthusiasts, with over 440 bird species recorded, including colorful kingfishers, majestic fish eagles, and storks. Join guided birding excursions to capture glimpses of rare species and immerse yourself in the symphony of bird calls that fill the air.

Conservation Commitment and Eco-Tourism
Nyerere National Park stands as a beacon of conservation excellence, committed to protecting its natural heritage and biodiversity. Learn about the park’s conservation initiatives, including anti-poaching efforts and community involvement, ensuring the preservation of this ecological treasure for generations to come.

Luxurious Safari Retreats and Cultural Insights
At Jumwaa African Safaris, we offer luxurious safari retreats within or near Nyerere National Park, blending adventure with comfort. Immerse yourself in the wild while enjoying top-notch amenities, gourmet cuisine, and cultural interactions with local communities, adding depth to your safari experience.

Your Gateway to Authentic African Wilderness
Whether you seek thrilling wildlife encounters, serene riverine experiences, or a deeper connection to nature, Nyerere National Park promises an unparalleled safari adventure. Join us at Jumwaa African Safaris and embark on a journey through Nyerere’s untouched landscapes, where every moment resonates with Africa’s raw beauty and untamed spirit.

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